The ghee shpeal

I want to start this post out by apologizing to my avid readers! I took a much-needed break from my blog, to kind of reset my motives behind it.

My “what I ate Wednesday” post started out strong, and fizzled out, mostly because I realized what I eat, shouldn’t be what you eat. What you eat, should be what you fuels your mind, body and spirit. So, I’ve decided to take a bit of shift towards… sharing nutrition information, solving myths, answering your questions, listening to YOUR topic ideas, etc.

Tell me your questions, things you need help with.. I’m here for YOU. Except I will not tell you what to eat. I want to teach you how to make that decision on your own.

Since starting this blog, my intent as an RD has shifted, mostly because of my exposure to patients daily. I have learned a very important lesson switching from inpatient care to outpatient, and that is to be 100% present during my counseling sessions. The amount of knowledge about nutrition, diets, media influence & products I am learning from simply listening to my patients is helping me to become a better dietitian.

I hope you all tuned into my “Ghee Shpeal” this week via Instagram stories. I have this boiling sense of frustration lately because of social media, and I’m going to start sharing some information via my stories to help combat inaccurate information, biased posts/advice, questions about products, etc.

This frustration mostly sprouted from some information I found on a very popular Dietitian’s blog about Ghee. She stated, and I will quote that the health benefits of Ghee are “Reduces inflammation;helps with detoxification and digestion.”

…And guys, guess what? THIS INFORMATION IS NOT EVIDENCE BASED! Which means, this dietitian, who is followed by over 280,000 people…. is providing you with false information. There is a lack of science to support either claim, and more research is needed to state that eating GHEE directly improves inflammation and/or your digestion. How flawed is that system!? I’m not here to bash this young dietitian, but I want to teach you to be mindful of the power that is social media.

Ask anything and everything. Question the information people are telling you. Look for that #sponsored hashtag. Be mindful. Research. Push back.

I’m out to limit the falsehoods, help you learn to combat diets and guide you towards a fearless world of balanced nutrition.

Stay tuned for more!

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